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2022 FINAL Brampton COUGARS

Tournament Rules

OWHA Sanction # 2122051

1. Hockey Canada and OWHA SUSPENSION rules shall apply where required. All Teams Must Register at Headquarters either before their first game in the event or directly after their first game. Any team using an OWHA Pickup Consent Form MUST bring this to Headquarters BEFORE your team’s first game in the event. Failing to do so may result in forfeiture of games. Any time after the start of the event, the use of these pickup consent forms must have the actual forms brought to the headquarters office only. They are required minimum 1 Hour before the game start the player(s) are involved with. Team official as well must bring the “TEAM PASSPORT” page that was originally issued and verified at the beginning of the event for final adjustment of teams file. 

2. All games will consist of 3 periods (10 minute -10 minute-12 minutes), stop time with the exception of  U15A, U18AA, U18A, U18BB and SR A will consist of 3 periods of (12 minute –12 minute -15 minute), stop time. LONGER GAMES will have floods will take place between 2nd & 3rd periods for single games and flood every 2 periods for back to back longer games. Ask arena convenor at game sheet sign in table in each arena

3. There will be a 3 minute warm-up prior to each game for ALL DIVISIONS.  

4. All teams MUST be available to play UP TO 20 minutes prior to the scheduled start time at the discretion of the arena convenor.

5. The OWHA minimum suspension guidelines will be strictly enforced. All suspensions will be enforced according to OWHA Constitution, By-laws, and Regulations & Rules.

6. Girls will shake hands after each game WITH GLOVES ON.

7. If the goal spread at any time of the third period reaches 5 goals, the clock will run until the spread is reduced to 3 goals, then stop time will resume. 

8. One - 30 second timeout will be allowed for each team ONLY during Consolation, Elimination - Quarter - Semifinal & Championship games only. Overtime is not a new game. There is NO TIMEOUT in Round Robin Games.

9. A maximum 17 skaters and 2 goaltenders may be registered with each team.

10. A player may only participate with one designated team in a tournament and may only participate in one tournament on any date.

11. To be eligible to participate in the tournament, the participant’s name must appear on the team roster form submitted with the entry form. Changes to the roster must be made in writing and will not be permitted after registration prior to the first game.  Players on Ontario teams must be registered with the OWHA. The OWHA “Pickup Consent” forms will be honored and must be included where necessary based on OWHA Rules.

12. Teams will be awarded 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and zero (0) points for a loss.

13. Standings after the round robin will be calculated on the basis of the points awarded as per Rule # 12. In the event of a tie, the following criteria will be used to break the tie:

a) Winner between the tied teams when they played head to head. (Applies to 2 way ties only, 3 or more teams tied start with tied breaker 13b.)

b) Percentage as calculated by dividing team’s total “Goals For” by the SUM of the team’s “Goals For and Goals Against”. TGF /  ( GF+GA) = % (See Chart )

c) Fewest Goals Against.

d) Most Goals For.

e) Fewest Penalty Minutes.

f) Coin Toss.

g) Follow Tie breaking rules in Order. Once a Tie Breaking Rule has been used or is not applicable it cannot be used again.

14. Four Team Divisions: After Round Robin Play, 1st & 2nd Overall will advance to Finals.

15. Six Team Division: After Round Robin Play, 1st and 2nd Overall advances to the Semi Finals while 2nd through 6th place overall play an elimination game where the winner advances to the Semi Finals.

16. Eight Team Division: 2 Pools of 4 teams.  After Round Robin play the teams will be ranked in each pool and will advance to their Quarter final, winner to Semi Final and, the winners advancing to the Championship final.

17. TWELVE TEAM Division 2 Pools of 6 teams.  After Round Robin play the teams will be ranked with the 5th and 6th place team in each pool crossing over to play a consolation game.  Teams ranked 1st through 4th will advance to their Quarter final, winners to Semifinal and the winner advancing to the Championship game.

18. Home teams must wear light colored jerseys where possible. In the event of a conflict, the home team must change their jerseys. Visiting teams will advise opposing team of any conflict 30 minutes prior to game time. Pinnies may be used as required. House teams are requested to bring 2nd set of jerseys or Pinnies to avoid conflict.

19. All players and team officials must sign the game sheet prior to each game.

20. Flooding of the ice will occur at the end of each game. Floods may be removed as required and may be deferred at the Arena Convenors discretion.

21. IF a team(s) remove prior to the event (up to 72 hrs. before) every opportunity will be made to find a replacement team. If however a team cannot be found where One or BOTH teams are unable to ice a team, or facilities breakdown / malfunction or game cancellation due to inclement weather, COVID and PHU or Provincials orders prevent teams from attending we will unfortunately NOT be able to reschedule the game.  If unable to reschedule the game(s) will be considered as an Official OWHA Forfeiture score. It will be recorded as either 5-0 for a “single team no show” or if both teams are unable the score will be recorded as a Hockey Canada Forfeiture of a 0-0 tie for both teams to assist in determining rankings to find a divisional winner as required in conjunction with tie breaking rules. Tournament organizers and committees are not liable or responsible for acts of God and unforeseen events mechanical breakdowns, causing the cancellation of any part of whole if this event. 

22. It is the team’s responsibility to ensure a clean dressing room is left upon completion of their game. All teams are requested to vacate the dressing room 15 minutes or less after their game is completed

23. The decisions of the Tournament Officials are final with no appeals!


Championship Awards and Medals WILL BE Presented Off-ice as deemed by local PHU Authorities and facilities request. 

We thank you for your anticipated support in this matter.

OVERTIME RULES FOR Consolation Elimination, Semi-final and Championship GamesOWHA Sanction # 2122051

• Consolation, Elimination, Semi-final and Championship games are played to a winner.  

• In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time a SUDDEN VICTORY FIVE (5) MINUTE OVERTIME will commence. Overtime will be played 4-on-4, plus goalies o Any penalties being served at the end of regulation time will carry over to the overtime period. 

Example 1: If a team is one player short, then overtime will start 4-on-3.

Example 2: If a team is 2 players short, they OT will start 5-on-3. On ice strength will be adjusted back to 4-on-4, as per OT rules, at stoppages of play after the penalties expire.


If a penalty is assessed to one team during the overtime period, play shall resume 4-on-3

Should a second penalty be assessed to the same team, play will resume 5-on-3 until the expiry of the first penalty.  
If the penalty expires during play, the player shall return to the ice and teams will play 5-on-4 until the next stoppage of play, at which point the on-ice strength will be adjusted to 4-on-3, etc. 

At no time will a team have fewer than 3 skaters (plus goalie) on the ice  

Teams will play 4 on 4 plus goalies. Players may be changed at any time. Goalies may be “pulled” at any time and a substitute player from the bench may be used.

 • Penalties do NOT expire at the end of regulation time. • If still tied, a shootout will occur. • Each team MUST designate 3 shooters (S1, S2, S3) on the game sheet BEFORE the start of the game. • Any player(s) serving a penalty at the end of overtime will not be eligible to participate in the shootout and MUST remain in the penalty box.  The coach must designate a shooter(s) to take her place(s) immediately at the end of regulation time.  

• If a predetermined shooter is unable due to health or injury that specific # shooter will be replaced immediately from the bench not using any other predetermined shooter #.  The injured or unhealthy player will no longer be able to participate in shootout.  

• All players except shooter and goalies will be on the bench TO START. 

• Shooters from both teams will shoot at the same time starting at the center ice red line.  

• Once a player has shot, they will go directly to the penalty box.

• This is a BEST OF 3 Shootout. 

• If still tied, each team will designate one shooter at a time until there is a winner. 

• A player may not shoot for a second time until all players on the game sheet signed (except goalies) have shot.  • A penalty assessed in regular time will carry forward to the overtime period.  Therefore, the player will not come out of the box. 
Championship Awards and Medals WILL BE Presented Off-ice as deemed by local PHU Authorities and facilities request.
We thank you for your anticipated support in this matter.

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