10th Clearview Madness in the Valley


OWHA Sanction Number 1920034

February 21, 2020 - February 23, 2020


A complete list of available divisions and entry fees are located at the bottom of this main page. Need to register need the How To Register info please check the document section.

Welcome Teams to our 10th Annual Clearview Madness in the Valley.

We offer a 4 Game minimum as well Gold and Silver medallions in our Championship Finals.

We play music at all games and have numerous vendors on site. We are still in the planning stages to ensure your weekend is fantastic and enjoyable.


WE HAVE PLAYER OF THE GAME AWARDS AFTER EVERY GAME: Please note at the end of your games the players shake hands go to their blue-lines helmets on   the Refs will come to your bench for you to provide them a jersey# from a player on YOUR BENCH. They will do a quick announcement and presentation and we vacate the ice immediately. Presentations are always based on remaining on time as needed awards may be presented in dressing rooms.



ATTENTION ALL HOUSE TEAMS REGISTERING you will be required to have 2 sets of jerseys or colored pinnies, please note we may host the House divisions under the Associate Status Division name as per the OWHA Guidelines.

Event questions? send to info@sportacularevent.com


HOTELS: Once the Nottawasaga Inn is sold out please use our partner Sport-Travel as our official Tournament Accommodations provider.  All participating teams requiring housing for the tournament should utilize the services of Sport-Travel to participate in the tournament.

Sport-Travel is dedicated to providing the most affordable accommodation options for you and your team. With over two decades in the sports industry, Sport-Travel comes highly recommended for their commitment to securing the lowest group rates, providing professional service and simplifying the booking process.

Please book via the link below or contact IRENE at Sport-Travel office: 1 800 304 6346 x336  / irene@sport-travel.com  for all your accommodation needs. Please click on the live link to view availability. 




Send e transfers to bill@wrayca.com

Challenge question: Name of tournament and your team name and division

Answer: clearview (no capitals in the answer) 

Be sure to include in comments your team name, division/level and head coach surname so payment is applied to correct team



21 days before All Final Updates for online team acct for Bench staff / Player rosters

14 days before Tournament Schedule to post in Document Section

10 days before Tournament Rules in Document Section

7 days before Coach & manager final information registration package to post in Document Section 

7 days before FREE Scores Text to Phones Service to post main page

FREE SCORES TO PHONE FEATURE At the 9th Clearview Madness in the Valley Tournament, we are pleased to offer the Free Text Messaging of Scores and Advancement notices to the cell phone of all Teams and families. Texts are free to receive if you have a text messaging option on your cell phone plan.  To subscribe for text messaging or to find out more, Wil post in this section


Need to go shopping in between games looking for great deals? Why not head over to the Tanger OUTLET MALL for Mall Details CLICK HERE 



Novice B ~ Champion Toronto Leaside 3759 Finalists ~ North Halton Twisters

Atom A ~ Champion North Bay Ice Boltz  Finalists ~ Ilderton Jets

Peewee BB ~ Champion Georgina Golden Hawks  Finalists ~ Ilderton Jets

Peewee C ~ Champion Mount Forest Rams ~ Finalists ~ South Huron 

Bantam BB ~ Champion Toronto Leaside 3796 Finalists ~ North York Storm 3012

Bantam C ~ Champion South Huron Sabres  Finalists ~ Clearview Ice Cats

Midget A ~ Oakville Hornets  Finalists ~ North York Storm 3004

Midget C ~ Champion Sault FHA  Finalists ~ South Huron

Senior BB ~ Champion Orillia Hawks  Finalists ~ Clearview Ice Cats


Congratulations to our 2018 Champions and Finalists

Atom B - Champions ~ Waterloo Ravens  Finalists ~ North York Storm

Peewee C - Champions ~  Temiskaming Shores  Finalists ~Nepean Wildcats 
Peewee HL - Champions ~  Grand River Mustangs  Finalists ~ Collingwood
Bantam B - Champions ~  Temiskaming Shores  Finalists ~ Mitchell Meteors
Midget A - Champions ~  Burlington Barracudas  Finalists ~ Aurora Panthers
Midget B - Champions ~  St Thomas  Finalists ~ Sault FHA
Senior BB - Champions ~  Huntsville Honeys  Finalists ~ Clearview Ice Cats


Congratulations to our 2017 Champions and Finalists

Peewee C Champion - Huron Heat  Finalist Kitchener Lady Rangers

Peewee BB Champion - Nepean Wildcats  Finalist  Clearview Ice Cats

Midget C Champion - Sault FHA  Finalist  Wingham Luckknow

Int HL/Assoc. Champion - Barrie Sharks   Finalists Ayr Rockets

Senior BB Champion - Barrie Simcoe Sharks Finalists Clearview Ice Cats




To register for this event, please either login to your existing team account or, if you do not have an account yet, create a new team account.

Available Divisions and Prices

Division Levels Prices Guaranteed Games Period Lengths
Novice A, B, C, HL $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Atom AA $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Atom A $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Atom BB $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Atom C $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Peewee AA $1,399.00 CAD
$1,100.00 USD
4 12 - 12 - 15
Peewee BB $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Peewee C $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Bantam C $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Bantam AA $1,399.00 CAD
$1,100.00 USD
4 12 - 12 - 15
Midget C $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Midget AA and A $1,399.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 12 - 12 - 15
Intermediate A $1,399.00 CAD
$1,100.00 USD
4 12 - 12 - 15
Intermediate BB, B, C $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12
Senior AA and A $1,399.00 CAD
$1,100.00 USD
4 12 - 12 - 15
Senior BB, B, C, HL, SR $1,269.00 CAD
$999.00 USD
4 10 - 10 - 12

Brought to you by Clearview Ice Cats.

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