36th Scarborough New Year's Classic


Sanction #1920031


Available Divisions and Prices

Division Levels
Novice A, B, C
Novice HL and ASSOC
Atom DS
Atom HL and ASSOC
Atom C
Atom B
Atom BB
Atom A
Atom AA
Peewee DS
Peewee HL and ASSOC
Peewee C
Peewee B
Peewee BB
Peewee A
Peewee AA
Bantam HL and ASSOC
Bantam DS
Bantam HL and ASSOC
Bantam C
Bantam B
Bantam BB
Bantam A
Bantam AA
Midget HL
Midget DS
Midget C
Midget B
Midget BB
Midget A
Midget AA
Intermediate HL and ASSOC
Intermediate BB, B, C
Intermediate A
Senior A
Senior BB and B
Senior HL and SR
Senior C


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