22nd Cougars Friendship Festival
The Ultimate Weekend Experience

How to Register for the event
Follow these simple instructions to create accounts to register for any events hosted by Sportacular Events
Official OWHA Sample Approved Roster
Please note we only accept Official OWHA Rosters we are not allowed to accept TEAM WAIVERS
OWHA Pickup Consent forms Tournaments Only
This is the official pickup form to be used and signed by the team officials loaning you the player or a member of the executive board to ensure compliance. Be sure to fully understand how to correctly use this document in conjunction with the tournament Rules. If not sure please inquire we would be glad to assist
Tie Breaker Ratio Chart
Chart is used in conjunction with the rules to advance teams as required
2018 House Jerseys Color Conflict Chart
Download the attached ALL HOUSE TEAMS are required to bring either a 2nd set of jerseys of Tryout pinnies- Updated Jan 22
Coach and Manager final registration instructions
Please ensure as a manager or coach you have printed a copy to ensure you have all the correct information. Reminder we do not Accept OWHA Team Waivers, we are only allowed to accept Official Team Rosters
2018 Brampton Cougars Tournament Schedule
Posted Jan 17th - Final Posted Sun Jan 21 @ 1pm
2018 Brampton Cougars Tournament Rules
Please ensure you print a copy of the rules and the Tie Breaker Ratio Chart
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